The symbols are designed, cast and finished in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. We are not accepting studio visitors at this time. The best way to get in touch is to send us an e-mail metalice@telus.net

Pewter is an alloy (a combination of metals). Our pewter symbols are made from a combination of tin, copper and antimony. They do not contain lead. They will not tarnish but, over time, may develop a slightly darker patina. Most people like this. If you would like to clean the symbol, scrub the front from top to bottom with a scotchbrite pad, soap and water. Do not use any sort of silver polish.

The black, waxed cotton cords are 28 inches and come with our new adjustable slip grips. You can wear the piece either long or short.

An average cord, worn daily, lasts for about two years. We suggest that they are removed for swimming as salt water and chlorine fade the cords.

Yes. Cords with slip grips are $5.00 each. Please go to our order form or any of the pendant catalogue pages. The grips come already assembled and are easy to attach to the piece.

The wristbands are strong, comfortable, odor-free and non-allergenic. They are adjustable as well. Just remove the studs with a screwdriver and reposition. The wristbands can be worn in water. In fact, if they get dirty, just put the strap in the dishwasher.

My dad, Peter, is a retired industrial arts teacher who taught me to work with metal. Some of my earliest works were large steel cutouts of improbable lifeforms. These creatures seemed like their own species – captured in metal – frozen in time. We called them metal ice (read the fish). Over time, these metal ice species got smaller. On weekends, my dad and I began casting characters in pewter. These were the first pendants.

After a bachelors degree in pacific and asian studies (University of Victoria), I spent four years in Asia, mostly teaching English in Japan and exploring the idea of writing. I learned that in a global culture there are many different ways to communicate. Language can be simple. Returning to Canada, I examined symbolism as a worldwide language (masters degree in education from SFU). While studying, I continued to cast pendants and make necklaces.

Check back again soon. Although we are not taking custom orders at this time, we are coming up with new pieces. Send us your requests and comments.