In the beginning, we provided hand-tied slip knots on the waxed cotton cords that hang our pendants. People come in all different sizes and everyone appreciates the flexibility of wearing something at the perfect height.

As demand for our work increased, we imagined something better. Hand tied knots are brutal on the fingers and it’s hard to get them consistently perfect. If the knots are too tight, they do not slide. If they are too loose, they come undone. Over time, the ends of the cord begin to fray and look grubby.

Our slip grip is the result of years of thoughts, diagrams, prototypes and experiments. We have developed our own unique adjustable clasp. It is a simple, yet amazingly precise and useful, piece of equipment that is only available on our pendants. It cleanly encloses the end of the cord so there is no fraying. The grip is durable enough that the cord can be re-sized endlessly but, for safety reasons, has been designed to break apart at 25 pounds pressure. It contains no metal, is non-allergenic and slides smoothly as the cord ages.

Developing this device has been a challenge but the process of invention has been a success.
Our pendants are now adjusted with the perfect clasps – slip grips. (Patent # 60 / 515,717)
Enjoy them.