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raven pewter pendant

Raven represents rebirth, renewal and change. This black bird is known for intelligence and has a distinctive voice worth listening to. Raven has been a teacher and guide for many cultures. To ancient Greeks, Raven carried messages from the Divine. To First Nations, Raven brought the light.


Owl Pewter Pendant

Owl can see in the dark and face what lies in shadows. It is known for intuition and wisdom because of the ability to see what others can not.
In mythology, owl represents mystery, change and life transitions. Owl invites us to explore the unknown and magic of life.


horseshoe pewter pendant

The horseshoe is a symbol of good luck and protection. The horseshoe is made from iron which is a strong metal that withholds fire. The blacksmith’s magic seems powerful and a horseshoe represents this. In history, people would hang horseshoes to keep goblins and evil spirits away.


Butterfly pewter pendant

Butterfly is a symbol of change, personal transformation, renewal and rebirth. Butterflies are beautiful as they gently dance in the air from flower to flower. With a magnificent yet short life, butterfly is a reminder to enjoy the here and now and to accept life’s changes with grace and lightness.

Highland Dancers

Highland Dancers Pewter Pendant

Scottish Highland Dancing is one of the oldest forms of folk dance. Originally, it was performed as a dance of victory in battle. Over centuries, the dancing has become more refined and has adopted elements from classical ballet. Highland dancing is characterized by precise movements and requires both athletic and artistic skill.

Florian Cross

Florian Cross Pewter Pendant

The Florian Cross represents courage, integrity and honour. St. Florian organized Roman fire fighting brigades who became known for bravery, skill and service. He is often depicted in uniform with a bucket of water in hand beside a burning building. Saint Florian is recognized as the patron saint of firefighters.


anchor pewter pendant

A ship, even lost at sea, can find safety in a storm with a reliable anchor. An anchor prevents drifting away or crashing into rocks at night. It gives a piece of security from which to move forward. At the same time, an anchor allows freedom to swing and move with the ebb and flow of tides and currents.


Shark Pewter Pendant

Shark symbolizes intense drive, enthusiasm and confidence. Its strength and attitude keeps predators at a distance. Shark is known for keen intuition
and has an incredible sense of smell. It can sense things others can not. Shark is sensitive to the sea’s ebb and flow and can be a guide in the ever
changing currents of life.

Swing Dancers

Swing Dancers pewter pendat

For almost a century, swing dancing has attracted enthusiastic, energetic and highly musical people from all walks of life. Historically, the term “Swing” referred to the style of jazz music, which inspired the evolution of swing dance. With unrestrained movements and freedom to improvise, swing is a celebration of life and music.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis Pewter Pendant

Table tennis, also known as pingpong, is the most popular indoor sport in the world. Studies have proven that playing table tennis has positive effects on the human brain. It develops strategic planning and thinking while increasing concentration and alertness. Originally from Victorian England, table tennis has been an Olympic sport since 1988.