all-seeing-eye pendant

All Seeing Eye

The all-seeing eye is a reminder that our thoughts and deeds are always observed by a greater power. Also known as the Eye of Providence, the symbol was used by Freemasons before appearing on the US dollar bill. Believers in a great architect of the universe can take comfort that the eye is watching over us benevolently.

ananse pendant

Ananse Ntontan

Ananse is a spider character in West African folktales who can take different forms. He is a cunning trickster who represents the spirit of storytelling. Ananse Ntontan is an Adinkra symbol that translates as spider’s web. It represents the wisdom and creativity that come from navigating complexities of life. In the Caribbean, it is a symbol of slave resistance and survival.

celtic love knot pendant

Celtic Knotted Hearts

For centuries, this design has been exchanged and worn as a representation of love between two people. The knot is formed from a single path that includes two hearts intertwined. The interweaving pattern makes the hearts stronger together and inseparable. The never ending love knot represents a commitment to love for eternity.

fox pendant


Quick thinking fox is physically and mentally responsive. This smooth, persuasive problem-solver is attractive and intelligent. Fox can be a cunning trickster with a fondness for nocturnal activities who avoids confrontation and outsmarts enemies. Fox can grant wisdom and can be a teacher who helps others to overcome any
fear of the unknown.

hamsa pendant


Hamsa is a traditional symbol used in the Middle East for happiness and prosperity. As this open-palmed design has been used by both Jews and Arabs, it has come to represent common ground between cultures and a shared hope for peace.

“Let no sadness come to this heart. Let no trouble come to these arms. Let no conflict come to these eyes. Let my soul be filled with the blessing of joy and peace.”

healing hand pendant

Healing Hand

The design originally appeared in cave paintings in the American South West. The swirl represents energy from the hand of an ancient shaman. The symbol has been adopted by Reiki practitioners, massage therapists and others who heal through hands. It is a symbol of creativity and protection that can be worn to attract luck, health, wealth and happiness.

helm of awe pendant

Helm of Awe

This powerful Icelandic magical symbol depicts eight defensive arms radiating out to keep the center safe. The helm was used against disease or attack. It was meant to protect the warrior so he could prevail in battle. The arms are made from runes offering physical, mental and spiritual protection.

infinite love pendant

Infinite Love

The infinity symbol has no beginning or end and continues forever. The heart represents love. The combination of a heart wrapped with an infinity symbol indicates love that is limitless.

knot of longevity pendant

Knot of Longevity

Since the 16th century, Tibetan Buddhists have used this knot design as one of their eight auspicious symbols. The never-ending line represents a continuum of the mind through an endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The intertwining path is a reminder that we are all connected in a balanced and harmonious way.


labyrinth pendant


Labyrinths are used in meditation to represent a journey into ourselves and back out again into the world. This version is a classical, single path design featured on ancient Greek coins. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is not a puzzle to be solved. A labyrinth is a meandering and purposeful path to be experienced fully in order to quiet the mind. Take it slowly and enjoy the journey.


autism awareness

Puzzle Piece

Every puzzle piece is a critical part of a larger picture. Each has a distinctive and important place. The puzzle piece has been a symbol for autism awareness since the 1960s. It represents the complexity of the spectrum and the diversity of people living with the condition. Together, we all fit to create our perfect world.


semicolon pendant


A semicolon indicates a pause in a sentence; it is typically used between two main clauses. It marks the point where a sentence could end with a period; however, the sentence continues forward. Wearing a semicolon after a close call represents gratitude for living an unexpected second instalment of life; it’s worth it.


spider pendant


Spider is an ancient symbol of mystery, patience and creativity. A delicate and fragile webis a reminder of how personal choices construct our destinies. We are the agile weavers of our own complicated lives. Spider can help those who feel trapped or in a creative rut by offering the inspiration to weave something new.


valknut pendant


The Viking symbol of three interlocking triangles translates as ‘knot of the slain’. It is an ancient Norse design connected to an afterlife in which brave warriors join the god Odin at his majestic hall, Valhalla. Odin could grant warriors inspiration for battle and freedom from fear.


vegan pewter pendant


A vegan lifestyle is the best choice for better health, ethical consumption and a sustainable planet. Vegans do not eat meat, eggs or dairy and have a plant based diet. The amount of earth’s resources that it takes to feed one meat-eater can provide for twenty vegans. Veganism has been practiced in India for thousands of years. It is a smart choice for the future.