honeybee pendant

The bee has a strong work ethic but understands the importance of stopping to smell the flowers. Bees live and work in a community-oriented hive. They focus on service, are amazing builders and can carry 300 times their weight. They represent abundance, helpfulness and productivity. The tiny, but mighty, bee is a symbol of prosperity, brightness, love and good luck.

dna pendant

DNA – Double Helix
DNA molecules consist of two strands that wind around each other like a twisted ladder. All information that makes up an organism is in its DNA. It is the common connection that links all life on earth. The DNA of all humans is 99%identical. It is the remaining 1% that makes us unique. DNA stores an incredible amount of information and is a reminder that all life is complex and connected.

extinction rebellion pendant

Extinction Rebellion
The symbol shows an hourglass with time running out. Scientists agree the earth is experiencing a climate emergency. Many species are facing extinction due to the habits of humans. Governments need to act now to prevent further biodiversity loss and ecological collapse. The movement is based on non-violence and truth. A shared vision of change is needed to leave a world fit for future generations.

peace pendant

Peace Sign
The symbol was created in the 1950s for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The symbol is a composition of the semaphore (hand flag signals) for the letters “N” and “D”.

The symbol was adopted by anti-war and counterculture activists around the world. Over time, it has come to symbolize peace.

pickleball pendant

The sport was developed in 1965 by three dads and has quickly gained worldwide popularity. It is an energetic, low-impact sport that can be competitive and fast paced but is mostly friendly, social and fun. It uses a ball with holes that travels at 1/3 the speed of a tennis ball. Pickleball is a fast-growing sport that can be played and enjoyed at any age.

coach pendant

A coach will get you to your destination. A coach will have travelled the journey and knows the way. A coach will drive forward hard and fast when the going is good and the way is clear. When difficulties arise, a coach will find the safest and surest path. A coach will always continue moving you forward. Trust the coach and you will get there.

algiz pendant

This ancient Norse rune was carved into shields and swords as a mark of protection. The powerful symbol of safety is connected to spirituality. The rune helps to find peace and make the right decisions. It indicates that problems will be overcome and health will improve for yourself and those around you. Have no fear. You are strong and capable. Trust your feelings, stay alert, and act in the name of higher good.

wynn pendant

This ancient Norse rune is the shape of a weather vane on a viking ship. It represents smooth sailing, well-being, hope, and friendship. Wynn touches all parts of living with positive power and shows the good aspects of any situation. It is a reminder to take care of partnerships so prosperous outcomes, love, satisfaction and joy can follow.